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Metal & Wood

Many homes in our area were built 50 -60 years or more. In some cases, the homes were built in the early 1900’s.
These home not only possess a great deal of charm and simple elegance, but a lot of the hardware in these homes are tarnished, have been painted over or simply dirty.

Metal & Brass

We have the expertise to carefully remove the hardware from doors, windows, etc. and GREATLY improve their appearance and then replacing it. When you consider how costly decent hardware is to replace, you can simply have your vintage hardware cleaned, buffed and protected. Old painted hardware can be stripped, buffed and protected to make it look almost brand new in many instances.

Types of hardware may include:

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Wood Restoration is one of our specialties. Do you have an older door (either interior or exterior) where the finish has eroded? We have the experience to strip, sand, re-stain the wood and protect it with premium products. If the door has layers of old paint on it and it is peeling, we can strip, sand, prime and re-paint the door with pretty much the color of your choice!

We have had numerous projects where the banister, hand rail, spindles or door stoops need some attention, too. On numerous occasions, we have taken dull, weathered wood finishes and transformed and re-stored it to its former beauty! Not only does will it enhance the beauty of your home but it serves to protect the wood for an extended period of time. Please take a look at the photos of some before and after pictures- you’ll be happy you did!

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